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Aqua Aerobics

Sorry to report that there has been insufficient interest in the Aqua Aerobic classes to make them cost-effective at this time. I will periodically ask again to see if the situation changes so stay tuned.

Aqua Aerobics

In conjunction with the Armagh City Hotel, we have a chance to start an u3a Aqua Aerobics class on Thursdays at 10.00 am. We currently have 9 members interested but to keep costs to a minimum need to get as near to the maximum number of 15. 

We are hoping to have a 2-week taster session so members can decide if this is for them. If you did not previously show interest but feel you want to try Aqua Aerobics out let me know by replying to the email and we will get the ball rolling on organising the taster event.