June Meeting

We are holding our June meeting (last one before summer break during July & August) in the Cardinal O’fiaich Library, Moy Road, Armagh on Friday 21st June at 10.30am. 

Our speaker will be Ronan Convery, Senior Consumer Empowerment Officer, Consumer Council.

He will explain “how the Consumer Council can help consumers save money by switching energy provider, compensation rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled and consumer rights. They provide free, independent support and advice for all local consumers and businesses and investigate complaints about energy, water, transport, and postal services. The Consumer Council has returned almost £2.5 million to consumers in the past five years. To access the Consumer Council’s support and advice, visit the website on www.consumercouncil.org.uk or call 0800 121 6022.

See how you save money with more Power to the Pocket.”

PS For those who have yet to pay this year’s subscription we would ask that you do so before 30th June. Non-payment will unfortunately result in your membership being suspended until payment, as you will no longer have insurance cover. If you would like to pay on the 21st, Tim will be around to take your subscription.