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April Meeting + AGM

We are holding our AGM in the Cardinal O’Fiaich Library, Moy Road, Armagh on Friday 19th April at 10.15am. Sharp! 

Coffee will be available from 10:00 onwards.

A full Agenda will be emailed out to you early next week, hopefully, along with subscription notification for the year commencing April 2024. As last year, it will be possible to pay by Bank Transfer but you will also be able to pay in person after our Talk which follows the AGM.

Following the AGM will be a talk by Rosie Hickey, Heritage Officer, Strand Arts Centre, Belfast and her subject is “Armagh Picture House Past”. I attended a talk by Rosie last year about the history of cinema in N Ireland and it was a real walk down memory lane and very interesting.

Groups – Latest Update

Below is information about our current interest groups..

Please do not hesitate to contact any of those listed below for more information or emailarmagh.u3a@gmail.com with your queries.

THE PACEMAKERS (WALKING) – GroupCo-ordinator – Ann Cassidy. This is a more leisurely walking group where chatting is as important as walking. This meets each Tuesday at 10.15 am. in the car park at Palace beside the kids’ playground. (Meet anyway if theweather is poor for an early coffee!) For moreinformation contact Ann atcassidy1539@gmail.com○

TUESDAY WALKING – Group Co-ordinator –Patricia McConville. This meets every Tuesday at 10.00am at the car park at Palace beside the kid’splayground. For more information contact Patricia atpatriciamcconville@btinternet.com

HILL WALKING – Group Co-ordinator –Caroline Good. Meets at the Palace car park beside the kid’s playground every Thursday at 9.30 am. For more information contact Caroline atcbgood@doctors.org.uk

CYCLING – Group Co-ordinator – Peter Good. This meets every Wednesday at 9.30 am. Locations vary. For additional information contact Peter atpdgood@doctors.org.uk

FRENCH – Group Co-ordinator – GeraldineTurley. Meeting on Mondays at 2.00 pm in the O’FiaichLibrary. For more information contact Geraldine atgturley@hotmail.co.uk

BOOK GROUP – Group Co-ordinator – MaryMcVeigh. Meeting monthly on a Wednesday at 2 pm. in the O’Fiaich Library. For more information contact Mary at mtmcveigh@hotmail.com

BRIDGE – Group Co-ordinator – PatriciaMcConville/Brian Clarke. This meets in the Armagh Golf Club every Monday at 2 p.m. for social bridge. We also offer beginners and improvers classes. For more information contact Patricia at patriciamcconville@btinternet.com

CHOIR – This meets every Monday at 4.00p.m. For more information contact Elenor at eleanorpierce@hotmail.com○

LOCAL HISTORY – Group Co-ordinator – MaryMcVeigh. Meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at11.30 am in the O’Fiaich Library. For more informationc ontact Mary at mtmcveigh@hotmail.com

OUT TO LUNCH – Group Co-ordinator –Margaret Oakes. These are occasion events that are advertised by email as and when they are organised. For more information contact Margaret a ttro111@hotmail.com

PETANQUE – Group Co-ordinator – Tim Hanna. This meets in the Sensory Garden at The Palace. Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. In hibernation until the sun/warmth returns! For more information contact Tim at timbohanna1953@gmail.co

PILATES – Group Co-ordinator – MargaretOakes. Meets in the Armagh City Hotel on Wednesdays. Classes are at 10.30/11.30 am. For more informationcontact Margaret at tro111@hotmail.com

YOGA – Group Co-ordinator – Caroline Good. This meets at the Dobbin Street Community Centre. For information contact Caroline at cbgood@doctors.org.uk

WINE APPRECIATION – Group Co-ordinator –Peter Good. For information contact Peter at pdgood@doctors.org.uk